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Model RCF: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 Membranes

  • Filtration performance from 800 to 20,000 l/h 

  • Crossflow filter w/ varying sizes

  • Monochrome touch panel design for automatic filtration

  • Easy cleaning with CIP

  • Centrifugal pumps for recirculation

  • Feed and pressure pump w/frequency convert 

  • Filtrate pump with filtrate collecting tank

  • Protection against dry running and high/low pressure

  • Programmable automatic gas pressure back flushing (CO2, NS or air)

  • Stainless steel frame with wheels for easy transport


OPTIONS for Model RCF 1-6 VARIO:

  • Pneumatic valving for switching to lower number of modules

  • Manual valving for switching to lower number of modules

  • Vario function

  • Turbidity guard (surcharge on IDM-package)

  • Automatic detergent dosing unit with auto tank cleaning (CIP)

  • Rectangular forklift channels

  • SMS text message package



High-performance filter media containing cellulose, filter aid, and a wet strength resin. Two types of filter aid are available in this series, either perlite or diatomaceous earth (DE). Perlite is derived from volcanic ash and has a consistent shape that results in a denser filter media. Diatomaceous earth is derived from marine diatoms. Its varied shapes offer improved efficiency for the removal of fines and hazes. Lenticular filter system is as versatile as filter sheet in plate & frame filter but sanitary, easy to use and easy to change out. To make a filter system sanitary, filter sheet is installed in an enclosed sealed filter housing. Lenticular filter is expandable and cost comparable to plate & frame filter. ErtelAlsop developed the lenticular depth filter cartridge format in 1942 to meet a particular customer need – an enclosed system design with fast changeout, neither requirement being possible with a filter press.

12" Filter media: 0.25 • 0.3 • 0.45 • 0.8 •1.0 • 2.5 • 5.0 • 10.0 • 15.0 micron

Filter housing with cartridge.jfif


Filter housing fits 30” cartridges, 1.5” TC with valves and pressure gauge 

30" Code 7 cartridges | Absolute: 0.45 •  0.8 micron

30" PES (Polyethersulfone Membrane) | Nominal: 0.45 • 1.0 • 3.0 • 5.0 micron 


These 40 x 40 plate and frame filters are specifically designed to meet demands of small and middle wine industries. Available via special order only.



Filter micro media (cellulose/DE)  |  various micron levels - click below.

Buon vino sheets.jfif
Buon Vino mini jet.jfif


Mini Jet Filter & Super Jet Filter

Use with Buon Vino Mini Jet & Super Jet Pads:

#1 (coarse), #2 (polishing), #3 (sterile) filter sheets (sold in pkg of 3)

VACUUM PUMP (Ontario only)

Used for lab work and small filtrations 

Vaccum disk holder.jfif
sterile filter disks.jfif




47mm Vacuum filter disc holder with 250ml and 500ml receptacle 

47mm Syringe filter disc holder

60ml Syringe for filter disc holder

47mm filter disks:  0.45 • 0.7  • 1.0  • 1.5  •  3.1 micron   

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Trubtube filled.jpg
Trubtube pressing.jpg
Trubtube cake.jpg


It is a smart solution for small and medium size wineries to make the most out of your grapes. Instead of just draining, lees and sediments are pressed and filtered with a recovery of 85 – 95 %.

TRUBTUBE® bags hold app. 250 liters of mixed lees and are reusable for several years.

"We always have a volume of lees at the end of the year that is too small for our rotovac to process.  We thought we would give the Trubtube a shot and see if it worked.  We bought one to try and see if it worked and boy did it ever!!  We followed the directions and put our slurry of juice and perlite into the bag and pressed it.  At the end of pressing all that was left were the solids and perlite all of which were totally dry.  We promptly purchased two more to finish off the rest of what we had.  I would highly recommend using the trubtube to deal with lees, it will pay for itself in a single use." 

    - Dave Hooper, Cellar Operations Manager

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