Hydrometer,  Brix | -5+5 • 0-8.5 • 0-10 • 8-16 • 10-20 • 16-24 • 20-30 • 30-60 

Hydrometer, 3 Scale | Brix, Alcohol, Specific Gravity

Hydrometer Cylinder | Plastic, 14"

Mustimeter, Specific Gravity (Dujardin Salleron)

Mustimeter, Specific Gravity w/ Thermometer (Dujardin Salleron)

Beer Hydrometer with Thermometer | 1000-1100 Specific Gravity (Dujardin Salleron)

Cider Hydrometer | 1000-1100 Specific Gravity (Dujardin Salleron)

Plato Hydrometer w/ Thermometer | 0-20

Hydrometers, Specific Gravity |

985-1003, 980-1020, 990-1120, 1000-1030,1030-1060, 1060-1090, 1090-1120

Alcohol Hydrometers

Hydrometer, Alcohol | 0-10%, 6-16%, 20-30% (Dujardin Salleron)

burette funnel.jfif


Plastic Funnel | 20cm, 30cm

Burette Funnel

Tank Funnel

Digital thermometer.jfif
Thermometer with cord.jfif


Digital Thermometer w/ Metal Probe

Floating Thermometer

Temperature Probe w/ 36" Stainless Steel Probe for Tanks or Bins     

Laboratory Thermometer

Metal Protective Cage for Laboratory Thermometer

lab thermometer.jfif
100g scale.jfif
6100 scale.jpg
scale 40 x 40.jfif

Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic Stirrer | Hanna Instruments  HI190 MI

Magnetic Stir Bars | Short 12mm, Long 25mm



Pocket Lab Scale | Max 500g, 0.01g

Pocket Lab Scale | Max 2Kg x 0.1g


Lab Scale | Max 412g, 0.01gr

Lab Scale | Max 6.1Kg, 0.1gr


Harvest Scale | 40" x 40" (special order)

ebulliometer upright.jpg

Ebulliometer - Traditional

Ebulliometry for Alcohol Determination

Apparatus for alcohol determination in dry wines, ciders, beers, and vinegars by ebulliometry. The Dujardin-Salleron ebulliometer was developed around 1870, continuously improved and worldwide recognised. It is the easiest instrument to test directly and accurately the alcoholic content of dry wines, ciders, and beers with normal composition.

See Dujardin-Salleron for other Ebulliometer models

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volumetric flask brush.jfif
Spatula spoon.jfif
Test tube holder.jfif
Watch glass.jfif

Miscellaneous Labware 

Food Grade Grease

Plastic Stirring Paddle | 70cm

Lab Wipes | Single-Ply

Food Grade Paint | White or Black, 500ml

Private Preserve | Inert Gas Aerosol for Wine Bottles (Ontario only)

Brushes | Pipet, Curved Flask Brush, Test Tube Brush, Hand Brush

Test Tubes | 17mm

Test Tube Racks

Parafilm | Lab Grade Stretch Film, 4" x 125ft Roll

Syringes | 5ml, 60ml

Glass beads |  6mm  1lb

Spatula Spoon | stainless steel, nonstick and rust proof; ideal for lab trials

Watch Glass |  90mm • 125mm; ideal for beaker covers to eliminate vapor escape. Products have fire polished edging and are molded to the same radius for easier stacking. 

Glassware, Burette, Pipets and more...

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Burette stop cock.jfif
burette funnel.jfif
burette stand.jpg
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Plastic pitchers.jfif
Pipet Tower.jpg
transfer pipet.jpg
media jars.jpg
Wash bottle.jfif
Chemical dispenser 2.jfif
Vaccum disk holder.jfif
sterile filter disks.jfif
Bottle opener bar.jfif
Bottle opener screw.jfif


Stand and Double Burette Clamp 

Burette Funnel

Burette w/ Teflon Stopcock | 10ml • 25ml



Glass | 50ml • 140ml • 250ml • 600ml • 1000mL



Glass | 100ml • 250ml 

Plastic | 100ml • 250ml • 500ml



Erlenmeyer, Glass | 125ml • 250ml • 500ml • 1000ml 

Volumetric, Glass | 100ml • 250ml • 500ml



Volumetric, Glass | 1ml • 2ml • 5ml • 10ml • 20ml • 25ml • 50ml

Graduated Serological, Plastic & Glass | 1-20ml

Transfer, Plastic

6 Pipet Holder | Wall Mounted

Pipet Storage Tower

Universal Pipet Bulb 

Pipet Pump | 10ml • 25ml


Plastic, Graduated | 1L • 2L • 3L • 5L

Media Jars

Glass | 250ml • 500ml • 1L

Wash Bottles

Plastic | 250ml • 500ml • 1L

Chemical Dispenser

Plastic, Variable | 500ml

Vacuum Filter Disk Housing | 47mm

Plastic | 250ml • 500ml

Filter Sheets, 25mm | 0.45 micron

Filter Sheets, 47mm | 0.45 micron

Franmara Bottle Openers

Bar Pull Style

Dynamo Electric Corkscrew