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Vines to Vintages was launched in 1999 as an independent wine laboratory performing analysis for wineries

in both Canada and the United States.  In 2007, Vines to Vintages expanded their portfolio now selling winemaking supplies, winery equipment, stainless steel tanks, French oak barrels, ozonators, laboratory equipment and providing a savvy winemaking consultation team. Consultation currently entails full winery start-up and winemaking consultation from the vineyard to the bottle.

In 2015, the business went National with a new store location being opened in Penticton, British Columbia and in 2018, a third location in Longueuil, Quebec was opened - now supplying all provinces from Prince Edward Island to British Columbia.

We are constantly updating and adding to our product line to provide our valued customers the absolute

best in quality products and service for the small and large wineries as well as amateur winemakers.




Natalie pic 1.jpg

Natalie Spytkowsky


Natalie established Vines to Vintages in 1999 as an independent laboratory for wineries across Canada and the U.S. As her interests evolved to winemaking, one thing became very obvious; winemaking really does start in the vineyard. In early 2001 Natalie joined Angels Gate Winery as Winemaker and in 2003 she put Vines to Vintages “on hold” to focus on winemaking full time. This appreciation for quality grapes produced hundreds of award winning wines. In 2007 Natalie left Angels Gate and started as Head Winemaker and Mead Maker at Rosewood Winery where she continued winning awards but they had now grown to International as well as local. At that time she joined Darryl Fields and re-opened Vines and Vintages as a one-stop shop for supplies, analysis, winemaking consultation and assistance to both wineries and amateur winemakers. After several vintages at Hinterbrook Winery in NOTL and more awards to add to her repertoire she has now refocused on Vines to Vintages.

She can now be found helping run her national company and continuing to “make and enjoy quality wines” for a private winery in Niagara.

Darryl Fields

Vice President

Darryl came into the industry to work with Martin Malivoire of Malivoire Wine Company as property manager overseeing vineyard and winery development. His abilities to oversee and manage “the big picture” and provide great customer service has been a driving force in his career now for over 20yrs. After seven years at Malivoire, Darryl joined Angels Gate Winery as General Manager. His “hands on, machine off approach” lead to improved grape quality and a new high in sales.

Darryl can now be found doing what he does best, “running the big picture” servicing wineries and home winemakers.

Sam Lim pic.jpg

Sam Lim

Technical Sales Manager

Sam was born and raised in tech savvy and peaceful South Korea.  His desire for more diverse career opportunities led him to Canada in 2006. As an English Major in Literature, it was an easy language transition to enroll in the Oenology program at Brock University.  To broaden his theory and skill set he completed the Winery and Viticulture program at Niagara College as well as becoming a WSET level 3 sommelier. He comes to Vines to Vintages with 11 years of winemaking experience and knowledge in Traditional Method sparkling wine, carbonic maceration, appassimento, cultured yeast and ambient fermentation. Renowned and award- winning wineries such as Colaneri, Organized Crime, Burning Kiln and Big Head Wines were on his repertoire. He is considered a Reverse Osmosis and Crossflow Filtration specialist. His well-honed supervisory experience and leadership skills will be adding value our team.

Sam will be an instrumental part of our growing team and continued success and advancement of Vines to Vintages.


Anna Maruggi

Retail Sales Manager

 Anna has joined our team bringing with her a science degree in biochemistry.  With her previous pharmacy experience, this was a large factor which helped open the doors to her interest in the world of grape & wine research and documentation in transgenics.

Anna's contribution in the making of wine and her analysis in all phases of wine production, has covered more than twenty five years. Through so many years, she has amassed a hands-on collection of winemaking experience and knowledge. Along with being involved in wine making she also became a partner in the business of a Deli Shop venture with her husband which created "The Best Sub in Town" in her hometown of Grimsby. Ont.

Sarah Portrait.heic

Sarah Middleton

Office Manager & Administration

Through a 10-year management career, Sarah's keen organizational, analytical, and leadership talents have brought her to Vines to Vintages. She has a wealth of expertise as a general manager in the hospitality sector, including working directly with Jamie Kennedy at Windows by JK for more than 4 years, as well as customer service, staff development, and a variety of budget creation and budgetary end goal accomplishments. She gradually noticed her personal enthusiasm for the regional Niagara wine business expanding after graduating from Brock University with a BA in Human Geography, a field of study that examines how people, places, and the environment are interconnected. Because of her strong sense of independence, Sarah also holds a postgraduate degree in infectious diseases from the University of London and has achieved her Level 2 WSET. In her spare time, you might see her at the St. Catharines Rowing Club as a member and volunteer.


Sylvain Fouquet.jpeg

Sylvain Fouquet

Bilingual Technical Sales Representative

Sylvain joins our team as a Bilingual Technical Sales Representative in the ever-growing Quebec market.  With him, he brings his Diploma in Viticulture and Oenology obtained at the prestigious wine school called la Viti in Beaune, France. During Sylvain’s career, he spent many years at two of the largest vineyards in Burgundy, including Domaine Louis Latour in Aloxe-Corton, the largest and most iconic Grand Cru vineyard in Burgundy and Domaine Perrot-Minot in Morey-Saint-Denis which is one of the five best vineyards in Côte de Nuits in Burgundy.

After spending 23 years in winemaking and viticulture in Burgundy, he decided it was time for a change.  With his experience he came to Canada and has continued honing his skills for another two years at a few wineries in Quebec as winemaker and or vineyard manager.

 With 25 years of experience, Sylvain will be able to guide you in your choices of Laffort oenological products, Euromachines winery and tank equipment, laboratory equipment and all the other tools to help you make your best vintage wines. 


Antonio Acuna Peterssen

Retail Sales Manager 

Antonio comes to us with a business management degree, with experience in marketing, branding, tasting and sales in the food and beverage industry.  He is also an Agronomist-oenologist and accredited agri-food instructor with years of experience in the production of high-quality grapevines and fine wines. Ample knowledge of the grape growing, winemaking, and Oleiculture process (olive industry).  He was also a brand manager in the South America markets, as well as an export assistant to European wineries to the Canadian and U.S markets and a brand ambassador across the province of Quebec.


Bernhard started in the industry in 1984 doing an apprenticeship at Fritz Allendorf/Oestrich-Winkel in Germany, one of the oldest wineries in the Rheingau. Being exposed to all aspects of a winery and vineyard this solidified his desire to stay in the wine industry and formal schooling was the next step. Bernhard was schooled at the University of Applied Sciences in Geisenheim/Rheingau for viticulture and cellar techniques.He later came to Canada, settling in BC taking on a winemaking position at Lang Vineyards. Since then he has consulted for The View Winery and Holman Lang Wineries. During his years of winemaking he has gained experience in Sparkling wine, Fortified wine as well as Cider production.


Bernhard can now be found sharing his experience to help other wineries make their best wine.

Bernhard Schirrmeister

Bilingual Technical Sales Manager

Zweisprachiger Technik - und Verkaufberater

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 14.41.49.png

Oliver (Olly) Graydon

Retail Sales Manager

Oliver (Olly) Graydon was born in Kent, England. He moved to Canada in 2003 and took a liking to the Canadian wine industry when he moved to Kelowna in 2009. In 2011, his parents bought a small winery in Summerland, BC where he has spent several years working at the winery and in the vineyard.


With his understanding of the concepts and hardships behind owning and operating a winery and passion for the industry, he has expanded his repertoire to Vines to Vintages. He is excited for the future of our company and the industry as a whole.

Martin Portrait.jpg

Martin Stiederoth

Bilingual Technical Sales Associate

Martin joined Vines to Vintages in July 2022. Born and raised in Mainz, Germany - one of the great wine capitals of the world- he looks back on many experiences in the wine industry. Originally from the automotive industry, where he worked as an international sales manager, his professional entry into the wine industry began in 2015 with a position with the oldest winegrowers' association in the world. Martin was able to gain further and more profound viticulture and cellar technology experience in wineries in Germany, New Zealand and Canada. In his last position he was responsible for the vineyard and machinery management for a steep slope winery located on the Rhine River. Martin has lived in the Okanagan for more than two years and has been an avid fan of the local wine scene since day one. Martin will be an instrumental part of the growing team, and continued success and advancement of Vines to Vintages.

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