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Filling | Topping Racking


Barrel Topping Gun 

Barrel Topping Gun Seal Kit

Barrel Racking Tube with 1.5" TC – 40" in length

Barrel Filling Gun with 1.5" TC

Barrel Topping Keg Complete - pressure hose cut to 20ft length & topping gun included.

Bull Dog with 1.5" TC – 39.5" in length  |  empty out wine barrels easily by connecting to nitrogen, argon or CO2.  

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Aluminum Barrel Racks

225L/228L barrel rack – 15 3/8" high, 30.5" wide & 44.5" long

500L Puncheon barrel rack

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Wine Toad  –  rotating head for soaking the cap during pump over,1.5" TC

Pumpover and Racking Plate with 1.5" TC


Suction Screen Probe – perforated for wine or juice removal from bins or tanks. 

2" TC end, 50.5" in length, 25" perforation screen

Sight Glass – 1.5" TC •  2" TC

Curved Battonage Tools - Multiple types available

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Barrel Washer - w/ wand & valve, includes 3/4" garden hose adaptor

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Aaquatools  –  Barrel Washer, requires powerwasher

Antiflor Tablets |  Demijohn •  Barrel  •  Tank

Oenosteryl Effervescent Sulphur Tablets - Laffort  |  2g • 5g

Sulfur Disc - Laffort |  2.5g • 5g • 10g 

Sulfur Burning Wicks    13/pckg

Barrel Bungs

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Dual Fermentation Combo Solid Locking Bung


Silicone Barrel Bungs " A"  –    Size 48mm x 55mm

Silicone Dual Barrel Bung

Silicone Solid Barrel Bung with Lip "JS" (will fit most barrel bungs)

Rubber Bored Bung #11

Airlock –   " S" type  •  Straight


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Carboy Rubber Stoppers (solid & bored)   #6  6.5  7  8  8.5  9.5 10  11

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Barrel Wine Thief

Plastic 3 piece

Glass Straight w/ Rubber Handle  –  35cm • 45cm • 55cm

Glass Curved w/ Rubber Handle  –  35cm • 45cm • 55cm