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Why Tonnellerie Ô?

Craftsmanship: Old and New
Our production methods feature revolutionary design as well as equipment from R. Monnot SA, including a multi-stage jointer that is one of only a few in the world. 
Our coopers follow time-honored practices, such as barrel toasting in our traditional 2,500 square foot brick-lined toasting room. We also offer a full-service onsite laboratory where a dedicated research and development team keeps us at the forefront of innovation.

Sources: Stable and Strong
We source our barrel wood from small, independent stave mills committed to the quality of both partnership and product in line with our own. 
We have strong multigenerational ties with French and American oak stave suppliers, working closely with them every step of the supply chain to control raw materials from tree to barrel. 

We verify the authenticity of the forest origin of all wood as well as make frequent visits to American regions and France to monitor progress of the 24-60 month seasoning program.

Advance Your Inspiration
We offer a wide array of handmade French and American oak barrels to advance your inspiration. 

Leveraging our variety of sourcing, styles, sizes and toasts, you can create wines limited only by your imagination. 

Our craftsmen are honored to handcraft, hand-toast and hand-finish each of your barrels to your specifications and senses.



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