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The process is to blend fine grain woods of first quality forests in order

to give the products regularity from one year to another. 


Released in 2022. Paying tribute to Henri Barthe, this barrel represents the quintessence of the philosophy that drives us and that we love. It is a subtly powerful, generous and refined barrel. It offers a concentration of the strongest character traits that give our barrels their identity. It combines the elegance and length of our Sélection barrel, the fullness and respect for the fruit of our Grande Réserve, and finally the richness and density of our Coeur.


Brings roundness and softness to the palate. The wine volume and fatness will increase, more oak and spice complexity with hints of caramel compounds will be given to the aroma. The most intense. Maturation of the wood from 18 to 24 months.



This barrel provides length, density, volume, finesse and a certain complexity of tannins. Designed for wines to be aged for longer periods – longer than 12 months. Integrates slowly, gradually producing wines with tannins that are powerful and yet delicate. Adds to length and tension of the wine. Fruit forward and fullness of spicy components. Maturation of the wood is 30 to 36 months



It conveys to the wine intensity, the wine is open and fruit forward with vanilla and creamy compounds. Fullness of soft tannins adds to the roundness and fatness of the wine. It is a more horizontal wine. Tastings are good all along the barrel ageing process because wood tannins evolve much more quickly than on a Tradition barrel. This barrel is the most respectful of the fruit, gentle oak interaction. Many of our customers in Bordeaux use this barrel to make their samples for futures sales. Maturation, seasoning process, toast level and source of wood are all proprietary.



Very limited production. Timber that is used for the staves has little or no exposure to the sun or to the rain. Very rich in elegant tannins and offers density and richness on the palate. Maturation of the wood from 18 to 24 months.



Very limited production. Timbers are specifically selected from the stacks that have the most exposure to the rain, the wind and the sun. These barrels offer mature tannins in limited quantities. Offers a wine with more tension to the palate. Maturation of the wood from 18 to 24 months.

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