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Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron conceive, manufacture and distribute analysis instruments and measurement devices for oenology and spirits. The Dujardin-Salleron instruments are known worldwide for their quality, reliability and the accuracy of their measurements. Relying on traditional manufacturing methods, supported by a dynamic and innovative R&D team. Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron have been providing you the reference equipment for over 160 years. Dujardin Salleron keeps innovating and developing to bring its instruments in other fields such as: liqueurs, spirits, ciders, beers, spirits and other distilled beverages, vinegars and mustards, kombucha, pharmacology, perfumery, printing and some food industries, in particular fruits and vegetables. 

Some items are special order.  Please contact us.

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Residual Sugar Testing Tablets

Fermentest kit and tablets

Following a simple and rapid method of determining reducing sugars in musts and wines. It quickly distinguishes dry wines from those that still have several grams of sugar per liter.


Titra Evo

Automatic determination of pH, TA, VA, Free & Total SO2 by potentiometry

This device allows to determine pH, total acidity directly in the sample, and volatile acidity after extraction, without any need to see a color change at the end of titration. With a double platinum electrode that detects an electric current in the sample, the instruments performs the titration and stops automatically when the oxidizing solution is in excess. The device calculate the result depending on the selected programme (free or total SO2 ) and displays it directly after a few seconds.

ebulliometer upright.jpg


Traditional Ebulliometer for alcohol determination

An ebulliometer will provide one of the easiest, fastest, most accurate methods of determining the alcohol content in dry wines. The test is based on the difference in boiling points of water and wine.  Not well suited for very sweet wines like Icewine.  Electric thermometer for easy reading.

Replacement Ebulliometer wicks available

Electric Ebulliometer

Ebulliometry for alcohol determination

With an electronically regulated electric heater and a continuous refrigeration, this Ebulliometer enables to accurately determine the alcohol content of dry wines in about 6 minutes. This model is equipped with a mercury thermometer instead of the electronic probe. The new electronic ebulliometer, selected by l'Observeur du Design, stands out for its original and ergonomic design. The new electronic card improves its reliability, due to a low voltage functioning and an excellent conception.

Vola 2000

Automatic steam extractor for volatile acidity

This instrument is equipped with a highly resistant alluminum steam generator (no container of boiling water). The high-power heater (2800 W) generates steam by injection with a dosage pump during the entire extraction process.


Measures dissolved CO2 present in wine

The measurement is carried out with a stoppered cylinder filled with the sample to analyze. After shaking the sample, the cylinder spills out a certain volume of the sample proportional to the CO2 content (Average accuracy of 50mg/l). It is delivered in a complete carrying case with calculation tables.



Mini-photometer for enological tests, based on the use of enzymatic and colorimetric kits

Makes possible fast and reliable analysis by the individual winemaker, for common parameters such as residual sugars, yeast assimilable nitrogen, malic acid, etc. Completed with common accessories at the laboratory and colorimetric & enzymatic kits, it allows the wineries to run their own analysis.

Titrivin BTB

Titrivin Samples

TITRIVIN BTB is particularly designed for the control of manual analyses. Around fifteen parameters can be accurately obtained. Periodically, a technician analyses the content of a bottle using his usual methods to obtain the reference values. Should this not be the case, he checks his standard solutions and revises his methods if necessary until he obtains an acceptable result. Box of 6 bottles of 250ml.

Sulfilyser +

Automatic determination of SO2 by potentiometry

This apparatus is designed to quickly and easily measure free and total SO2 by eliminating the difficult determination of the end of the measure. The Sulfilyser is particularly adapted to highly coloured red wines, lees for distillation, fruit juices, alcoholic drinks, and vinegars.

Aphrometer 100104.jpg
100101-aphrometre .jpg
Aphrometer 100100.jfif


Mustimeter, Specific Gravity/Alcohol

Mustimeter, Specific Gravity/Alcohol w/ thermometer

Mustimeter, Alcohol 0-10% & 6-16%

Beer Hydrometer with Thermometer 0 - 20ºP  1000-1100SG

Cider Hydrometer Density 1000-1100


The aphrometer enables you to control the internal pressure in the bottles after bottling.

Simplified pressure gauge 0/10 Bars Vacuometer pressure gauge -1/+1,5 Bars

Pressure with gauge stainless steel manometer 0/10 Bars - ref. 100104

Controls the pressure on the bottle with stopper at the level of the ring.

Pressure gauge with stainless steel mano-vacuometer -1 to +1.5 Bar - ref. 100101

Controls the pressure and vacuum on the bottle with stopper at the level of the ring.

Exists with calibration certificate -  ref. 100101C

Stopper pressure gauge for sparkling wines

Pressure gauge with stainless steel manometer 0/10 Bars -  ref. 100100

Controls permanently or intermittently the pressure on a cork.

Permanent pressure gauge

Pressure gauge (stainless steel) 0/10 Bars.  - ref. 100102

Controls the instant pressure of bottles with caps with a tinned iron and aluminum-stainless steel alloy crown with or without plastic stopper.

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