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AaquaTools AaquaBlaster LT

AaquaTools AaquaBlaster LT is ideal for applications where the insertion opening is smaller than two inches such as wine barrels and closed head 55 gallon drums. The cleaning efficiency of the AaquaBlaster LT is achieved thanks to four stream jets at low flow rate but high pressure, thus providing high impact washing.


Stream nozzles rotate around a turret to provide complete orbital cleaning coverage of all interior surfaces. The AaquaBlaster LT is driven by a hot or cold high pressure washer capable of producing 4 gpm or higher of flow or more.


The higher the flow the faster the rotation of the nozzle produces a more rapid cleaning cycle. High pressure in-line Y filters are recommended and available to prevent particulates from interrupting the internal gears.

KEW Poseidon 7-67 Portable Electric Hot or Cold/Hot

The KEW Poseidon 7 Series by AaquaTools is a innovative premium class industrial cold & hot (up to 185°F) water pressure washer combines the renowned lifetime and quality of the KEW C3 pump with optimal ergonomics to bring an unbeatable heavy duty pressure washer for industry, agriculture, shipping, transport sector and food processing industry.

The high water flow of the Poseidon 7 series makes it very useful for applications where a high level of dirt has to be removed or flushed away.

Very robust machines, they are built on metal chassis with high quality components. They are the high pressure washers for professionals who depend on the machine that can work day after day, week after week and year after year.

Compact Tankless Hot High Pressure Washer - Hot cart

Indoors, outdoors you name it hot water anywhere! Just provide the water and we’ll heat it up to 185°F with flows up to 13.2 gallons per minute. With our pressure washer option, you can enjoy hot water and high pressure up to 2750 psi with flows up to 5.5 gpm.

By combining the KEW POSEIDON 7-67 and state of the art “on demand” tankless water heater technology”. 


AaquaTools has developed possibly the most powerful, energy efficient and cleanest burning portable hot high pressure washer available today.


Assembled on a robust, stainless steel cart with locking casters and a 50′ hose reel, the HotCart.



The rotating jet head from AaquaTools is a 1.50” dual nozzle automated tank cleaning machine constructed of 316L stainless steel.  It has a fixed to moving gear ratio of 47 to 49 allowing it to produce a homogenous 360° pattern that is superior to that of any other rotating jet head in its class.

The SC15TW2 is classed as a rotating jet-head with an integrated turbine drive and employs an adjustable turbine and flow through gearbox. The adjustable turbine allows the rotation speed to be adjusted without the need of changing costly stators and/or gearing found in other similar cleaning devices in its class.  Ideal for large tanks up to 40 feet in diameter. 

Centrifugal pump is required for driving this cleaning head.

Pressure washer with electric start


Gas motor and diesel fired.

GPM 3.5  PSI 4000  BTU 350,000  HP & Engine 14 KOHLER  Electric start 


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