The production of quality sparkling wines is the result of a series of steps which must be optimized to reach the desired final product. The sparkling wine market is currently evolving and, as for still wines, new trends are appearing leading to different types of wines, with more character and sometimes different aromas.


To optimize each stage of production, and in order to provide winemakers with new tools, LAFFORT has gathered, under the LAFFORT SPARK range, the products best suited not only to produce traditional sparkling wines, but also the products enabling the production of wines suitable for the modern consumer.

Juice Preparation and Clarification 

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Base Wine Fermentation 

Secondary Fermentation

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Tirage Mixture


Expedition Mixture

Laffort SPARK® revisits the disgorging tool for sparkling wine producers. 
Its ergonomic shape allows an optimal grip for manual frozenor flying (à la volée) disgorgement. Hand disgorging is also very useful for gushing wine as it allows manual control throughout the opening process by using the thumb to manage the speed of degassing, thereby limiting wine loss.

This tool is also essential to efficiently disgorge trial wines or to follow the evolution of wine produced by traditional method during aging on yeast lees.

The disgorging key is solid, made entirely of stainless steel and has a non-treated wooden handle for perfect grip.