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Electrode Maintenance | pH Buffers

pH Buffer 3.01 | 125ml • 500ml

pH Buffer 4.01 | 125ml • 500ml

pH Buffer 7.01 | 125ml • 500ml

pH Buffer 8.20 | 125ml • 500ml

pH Buffer 10.01 | 500ml

Electrode Storage Solution | 125ml • 500ml

Electrode Cleaning Solution | 125ml • 500ml

ORP Test Solution 240mV



Chromatography Developing Solution | 250ml

Chromatography Acid Standard – Malic | 30ml

Chromatography Acid Standard – Tartaric | 30ml

Chromatography Acid Standard – Lactic | 30ml

Chromatography Papers, 9" x 7.25" | Pack of 10 • Pack of 30

Capillary Tubes | Pack of 100

Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium Hydroxide, 0.1N | 125ml • 500ml

Sodium Hydroxide, 0.2N | 125ml • 500ml

Sodium Hydroxide, 1N | 500ml

Copper Sulphate

Copper Sulphate 1% | 30ml

Copper Sulphate 10% | 125ml • 500ml


Other Testing Solutions

Chemetric Titrets, Free SO2 on White Wine

Fermentest, Sugar Test Tablets | 36 per Bottle

TA Test Kit Solution, Fritz Merkel

TA Test Kit Cylinder, Fritz Merkel                                                   

Phosphoric Acid 25% | 500ml

Phenolphthalein 1% | 30ml

Potassium Acid Phthalate, 10N | 118ml

SO2 Indicator Solution, Methylene Blue and Red | 30ml

Antifoam | 125ml • 1 Gallon

Accuvin Test Strips, Malic Acid & Titratable Acid | 10 Tests

Iodine 0.1N |  500ml

Bentotest | Dujardin Salleron

Charbon Vegetal (Activated Carbon)  |  ref #983  100g



Monitoring the winemaking book.jfif

Monitoring the Winemaking Process from Grapes to Wine

Techniques & Concepts by Patrick ILand

It covers grape selection to getting the wine into bottle.

Chemical analysis book.jfif

Chemical Analysis of Grapes and Wine by Patrick ILand

Describes all analysis required for winemaking including chemicals & apparatus required.

Techniques in homewinemaking book.jfif

Techniques in Home Winemaking by Daniel Pambianchi

It covers grape selection to getting the wine into bottle.

Modern Home Winemaking.jpg

Modern Home Winemaking by Daniel Pambianchi

The newest release by Daniel Pambianchi. It covers grape selection to getting the wine into bottle with an updated philosophy.

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