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Sulfiting Agents




The highest quality Potassium Metabisulfite in the market.


Thanks to Enartis’ production expertise, Winy is virtually odorless, does not form rocks and has a concentration of metabisulfite superior to 99%.

Now available at your local Vines to Vintages store!

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1Kg, 25Kg

ALSO AVAILABLE: Effergran 1Kg, Efferbarrique 2, Effergran Dose 5

What is HIDEKI?​

  • Hideki was created during research aimed at studying the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of tannins with different compositions, chemical structure and size. To start, the most effective tannins for winemaking from each category (gallic, ellagic, condensed) were selected. Next, the separation and purification of different molecular weight tannins demonstrated the possibility of expanding the efficacy of the previously selected ellagic and condensed tannins. Therefore, Hideki is a tannin composed of molecular fractions obtained through the selection and purification of gallic, ellagic and condensed tannins which were the most efficient in terms of antioxidant and microbiostatic action.

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  • Isolated from late harvest Zinfandel from Williams Selyem Winery, EnartisFerm WS is considered one of the most robust California yeast strains. It is well suited for a wide spectrum of red and white varietals and is recommended for fermentation of high °Brix juice and to restart stuck fermentations.

  • EnartisFerm ES181 is a yeast recommended for producing white wines with strong varietal aroma expression. Excellent for fermentations at low temperatures and in hyper-reductive conditions.

  • A strain selected for the elaboration of sparkling wines using the traditional method, EnartisFerm Perlage is characterised by the production of wines with very elegant and clean aromas that express the characteristics of the variety and the terroir.

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  • Nutrient of biological origin created to supply all nutritional factors necessary for yeast fermentative metabolism: amino acid nitrogen, long chain fatty acids, sterols, vitamins and microelements. Its application aims at stimulating a regular and complete fermentation leading to the production of wines without defects, flawless both in the mouth and in the nose.

  • The addition of Nutriferm® Advance at 1/3 fermentation prevents irregular kinetics while maintaining an efficient sugar transport system until fermentation is complete. A complex additive made from inactivated yeast, ammonium phosphate and cellulose, it helps yeast with alcohol tolerance and exerts a detoxifying action, thus assuring optimal aroma cleanliness while preventing the formation of hydrogen sulfide.

  • Nutrient and biological fermentation regulator comprised of autolyzed yeast with an elevated content of free amino acids and thiamine. Nutriferm® Arom Plus supplements mainly branched chain amino acids that yeast can use to produce esters and other aromatically active compounds.

Stabilizing Agents

What is ZENITH?​

Potassium polyaspartate is the salt of a polyamino acid derived from L-aspartic acid, an
amino acid found naturally in grapes. It blocks the formation and growth of potassium
bitartrate crystals ensuring stability over time, even under suboptimal storage conditions.

  • Solution of A-5D K/SD potassium polyaspartate (KPA) and sulfur dioxide. Zenith® Uno is an effective, rapid and easy-to-use tool for potassium bitartrate stabilization in wine. Zenith® Uno can easily replace cold stabilization and other physical treatments.



  • Solution of A-5D K/SD potassium polyaspartate (KPA), Gum Arabic Verek and sulfur dioxide. Zenith® Color is an effective, rapid and easy-to-use tool for potassium bitartrate and color stabilization of red and rosé wines.

  • Citrogum® is a clear, almost colorless Gum Arabic preparation with a low calcium content. Citrogum® is recommended for the treatment of wines ready for bottling. It integrates the colloidal content of wine, improving its balance, organoleptic features and stability, mainly tartaric. It enhances aroma, reduces bitterness and astringency, and increases softness and body.



  • An extremely pure and active powder pectolytic enzyme preparation that is particularly useful for the cold settling of must. EnartisZym 1000 S carries out a hydrolytic action on grape pectins, accelerating juice clarification.

  • EnartisZym Arom MP is a microgranulated pectolitic enzyme that can be applied in the maceration of white and red grapes to increase extraction of aromatic precursors and obtain more fruit-expressive wines.

  • EnartisZym Color Plus is a pectolytic enzymatic preparation rich in pectinases, cellulosic and hemicellulasic side activities which act in synergy to accelerate and increase the extraction of polyphenols (anthocyanins and tannins, in particular) contained in grape skins and promote their stabilization.



  • A fermentation coadjunct which is a inactivated yeast high in soluble mannoproteins, grape seed tannins and ellagitannins. It is specifically designed to favor the condensation of anthocyanins/tannins during the fermentation of red grapes. Wines treated with EnartisPro Tinto have vibrant color, more intense and persistent fruit aromas and are softer and better balanced. Particularly recommended for the production of grand red wines.

  • EnartisPro FT (Free Thiols) is a blend of PVI/PVP and inactivated yeast rich in immediately available mannoproteins and sulfur-containing amino acids. Because of its high capacity for removing metals, it reduces the activity of oxidases (tyrosinase and laccase) by blocking copper. Consequently, wine is richer in aromatic compounds, presents a fresher color and is more resistant to oxidation and ageing.

  • A complex made of inactivated yeast that has been enzymatically activated. It can be used as an alternative to or in synergy with fine lees produced during fermentation. It contributes to protein, tartrate and polyphenol stabilization. It enhances the sensation of volume, softens the astringency and contributes to better aromatic complexity and longevity.

Fining Agents

What is


Claril SMK is a new fining agent developed to mitigate the impact

of smoke exposure

in all types of wine.




  • Removing compounds associated with smoke taint. Fast clarification of juice or wine, allowing for the removal of the fining material simply by racking. Effective smoke taint removal with very low impact in color and phenolic content even at high addition rates. Restoring fruit character and freshness, as well reducing the “ashy” and bitter aftertaste common in smoke affected wines

  • A pure, allergen-free pea protein. Plantis® AF allows juice and wine clarification while producing a small volume of lees. It reduces wine sensitiveness to oxidation by removing iron, catechins and short chain-length polyphenols. Recommended for flotation.

  • Compact pellet form decolorizing carbon, Enoblack PERLAGE is for must and wine discoloration. The pellet form makes it easy to use and to rehydrate without dust.



  • HIDEKI is a new tannin made of molecular fractions obtained through the selection and purification of gallic, ellagic and condensed tannins that are the most effective in terms of antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. It is meant to be used during wine preparation for bottling as a natural and allergen free replacement of SO2, to protect wine from oxidation and to prevent alterations caused by unwanted microorganisms.

  • EnartisTan Superoak is a tannin specifically designed for addition during maturation. Its balanced blend of oak and condensed tannins makes it well-suited to improve color stabilization of red wines and is designed to be used during micro-oxygenation. The sensory profile is characterized by distinct sensations of volume and softness as well as light aromas of toasted oak. 

  • EnartisTan Unico #1 is extracted from toasted oak selected for the quality and richness of its aroma. Due to the low temperature and low pressure employed during the production process, these aromatic compounds are concentrated and captured in the final product. EnartisTan Unico #1 has the most intense vanilla-chocolate-toasted oak aromas that you can experience from a tannin. At the same time, it contributes body and can be successfully used on both red and white wines.

Oak Alternatives

What is INCANTO NC?​




  • Incanto NC White is composed of oak and acacia tannins and yeast derivative. It can be used during wine fermentation to mimic the effect of untoasted oak powder or chips. Incanto NC White protects juice from oxidation and prevents the appearance of reductive odors. Additionally, it provides light notes of flower and vanilla, increases the flavor of fresh fruit and enhances softness and volume.

  • Soluble mixture of toasted oak tannin and yeast derivative that can be used to mimic the effect of medium-plus toasted oak powder or chips. Incanto NC Red decreases green aromas of unripe grapes, prevents reduction and increases color stability. Its use provides notes of toasted oak and increases structure, volume and the sensation of sweetness.

  • Soluble mixture of tannin extracted from heavy-toasted oak and yeast derivative rich in polysaccharides that mimics the effect of French, heavy-toast oak powder. It enhances toasted oak aromas and aromatic complexity while masking the herbaceous notes from unripe grapes. It increases volume, structure and balance and favors color stability.

What is INCANTO NC?​


products are soluble wood extracts containing only the active molecules used in oak powder:
• Wood tannins to protect against oxidation, improve color stability and enhance structure.
• Polysaccharides to increase volume and soften tannins.
• Aromatic compounds derived from wood and toasting


Malolactic Bacteria
  • Selected strain of Oenococcus oeni, EnartisML Silver assures the progress of malolactic fermentation under very difficult conditions due to high alcohol, high polyphenol content and low pH. It enhances the aromatic fruitiness and complexity and respects the color intensity of red wines. Alcohol tolerance ≤ 16%; pH tolerance ≥3,2.



  • This strain of Oenococcus oeni guarantees a quick and complete malolactic fermentation. It respects wine color intensity and aromatic cleanliness and fruitiness and produces negligible quantity of biogenic amines. Alcohol tolerance ≤ 14%; pH tolerance ≥ 3,3.

  • Very robust strain of Oenococcus, capable of fermenting in very difficult conditions (pH > 3; temperature < 14°C; alcohol up to 15.5 %). In white wine, it can be used to develop creamy and buttery notes.

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