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Temperature Controllers

The VinPilot®One is a fermentation control system.

Capable of satisfying the high quality requirements of Wineries, Cideries & Breweries. Whether for the purpose of cooling during the fermentation process, or in order to achieve control during malo-lactic fermentation VinPilot® is your reliable companion. Fail-safe operation and durability made with first-class electronics “made in Austria” and housed, in a “cellar-safe” fashion, in an entirely newly developed enclosure. The fermentation control systems are completely water proof.  

Chilling System

Cooling plant for the fermentation cooling. Compact cooling plant with buffer tank and circulation pump in stainless steel. All cooling parts are isolated. With water/glycol mixture adequate also for the deep cooling to -10°C. Fan speed control as standard equipment, buffer tank in stainless steel, all parts in contact with the water are made with non-ferrous materials.


• Cooling capacity in KW – 31.6

• hL of wine in fermentation – 1040.0

• Glycol tank capacity in – 140L

• Dimensions / cm - 200x65x170

• Water connections (external thread) – 1”

• Power – 230V / 3phase

Cooling Plates



  • Stainless Steel

  • Width: 37cm

  • Lengths available: 55, 75, 100, 150, 200cm

  • Threaded with 1/2” NPT or BSPP 

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