Other Lab Equipment


Hydrometer,  Brix                         -5+5 • 0-8.5 • 0-10 • 8-16 • 10-20 • 16-24 • 20-30 • 30-60 

Hydrometer 3 scale                       Brix, Alcohol, Specific Gravity

Hydrometer Cylinder                     plastic 14"

Mustimeter, Specific Gravity (Dujardin Salleron)

Mustimeter, Specific Gravity/Alcohol w/ thermometer (Dujardin Salleron)


Alcoholic Hydrometers

Hydrometer - Dujardin Salleron   Alcohol 0-10%

Hydrometer - Dujardin Salleron   Alcohol 6-16%


Plastic w/ narrow spout                15cm

Plastic funnel                                20cm

Screen for 20cm funnel

Plastic funnel                                 30cm

Screen for 30cm funnel

Burette funnel

Tank funnel


Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer w/ water proof cord

Floating Thermometer

Temperature Probe - with 36"stainless probe for tanks or bins     

Laboratory Thermometer

Other Equipment 

Magnetic stirrer

Magnetic stir bars                          short 12mm

Magnetic stir bars                          long 25mm

Lab Scale                                      100g (0.01gr)

Lab Scale                                      610g (0.01gr)

Lab Scale                                      1kg (0.1gr)

Lab Scale                                      5kg (0.1gr)

Harvest Scale (special order)        40 x 40

Weigh Boats                                  pkg of 25

Ebulliometer - ALLA

Ebulliometry for alcohol determination

Apparatus for alcohol determination in dry wines, ciders, beers, and vinegars by ebulliometry. The Dujardin-Salleron ebulliometer was developed around 1870, continuously improved and worldwide recognised. It is the easiest instrument to test directly and accurately the alcoholic content of dry wines, ciders, and beers with normal composition.

Volatile Cash Still

Apparatus for determining Volatile Acidity in juice or wine.


Food Grade Grease

Plastic Stirring Paddle 70cm

Food Grade Paint – white, black 500ml

Private Preserve – Inert gas aerosol

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