Fining, Stabilizing & Additions




Gelatins are obtained from the partial hydrolysis of the collagen contained in animal skins.

They are used in the fining of red, white and rosé wines, in order to clarify and stabilize the wine, and to improve their sensory qualities. The gelatins manufactured in our factory are made from rigorously selected raw materials and undergo strictly controlled production protocols.


Numerous parameters involved in gelatin manufacturing lead to a great diversity of products, however three main criteria allow this diversity to be characterised:

  • Type of hydrolysis: chemical or enzymatic.

  • Intensity of hydrolysis.

  • Purity of the raw gelatin used.

Depending of these criteria, very different gelatins are produced, whose properties, and consequently organoleptic impacts on the wine, are extremely varied.



Tartrate Stabilization

Arabic Gums 

Metatartaric Acid

Microbial Control


Activated Carbon

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