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Why Cork Supply?

  • Forest to bottle traceability

  • The industry leader in quality control and technology

  • Short lead times, on average 3-5 weeks for custom orders

  • Negative carbon footprint

  • Patented Innocork Circuit and VAPEX treatment


  • Standard 24mm width

  • 45, 49, 54mm lengths available

  • 10+ grades available

  • Free printing on orders of 8K or more

  • Patented InnoCork Circuit for all corks



The natural corks are carefully selected and the DS100 service gives these corks the maximum guarantee of sensory neutrality. Every DS100 cork is screened by our panel of trained sensory specialists to ensure that the corks are free of TCA* and any other off aroma, making these corks truly unique in the market.

DS100 consists of a non-destructive and non-invasive analysis that is carried out by a panel of trained sensory specialists. The panel analyze 100% of the corks in a lot and reject any cork with a sensory deviation due to TCA or other off-aromas.

After the corks have been in a controlled environment for 24 hours, the corks are analyzed sequentially by three different trained sensory specialists. Should one of the panelists detect TCA or another off-aroma in any single cork, the cork is rejected and removed from the lot.

  • Since 2011 - the first natural cork free of releasable TCA* in the market;

  • Total sensory gurantee - free of releasable TCA* and any other off-aroma;

  • Sensory analysis carried out by trained sensory specialists;

  • 100% of corks in a lot are inspected;

  • Negative carbon footprint;

  • Bottle Buy Back Guarantee is offered.



The DS100+ natural cork is individually inspected and guaranteed to be TCA taint-free*, making it another premium option for some of the most prestigious wines in the world. While the DS100 service is total sensory guarantee and eliminates corks with any off-aroma, the DS100+ technology eliminates natural corks that have TCA levels above 1ng/L.

With the success of DS100, we challenged ourselves to develop a technology that could automatically detect TCA in natural corks. A technology that could increase production capacity for individually guaranteed TCA taint-free* natural corks, while maintaining the non-destructive and non-invasive principles developed in our DS100 service. 

The DS100+ technology guarantees that each individual cork in a lot is 100% TCA taint-free* by rejecting any natural cork that has TCA levels above the sensory threshold. 

The DS100+ technology guarantees an efficient screening of 100% of corks in a lot, while resulting in a competitively priced natural cork for the market.

  • 100% TCA taint-free*;

  • Corks are processed by an automated and fast TCA detection technology;

  • 100% of corks in lot are inspected individually;

  • Negative carbon footprint;

  • Bottle Buy Back Guarantee is offered.



Large format bottles 2_edited.jpg
  • Standard sizes (WxL): 27x54mm | 30x54mm | 33x54mm | 36x54mm | 39x54mm | 42x54mm

  • Available individually, order just the right amount for your needs

  • Custom sizes available (need bottle and/or diagram to size correctly)

  • Only the highest quality natural cork is used for large format corks


VINC Range Chart.jpg



VINC is a line of TCA taint free micro-agglomerated corks that are produced exclusively from 100% Cork Supply controlled raw material and state-of-the-art individual molding technologies. The VINC product line is also a result of the new, improved VAPEX® disinfection process. VAPEX® is a batch disinfection process that reduces TCA on cork granules through effective mass and heat transfer.


  • 100% Cork Supply raw material

  • 75% cork (weight) / ≥ 95% cork (volume)

  • Individual TCA guarantee

  • Sensory neutrality

  • Homogeneous performance

  • Rebound and elastic properties.


  • Dimensions: 23.5mm x 44mm

  • 3 grades available: CSU 230, CSU 220, CSU 210

  • Free printing on orders of 8K or more

  • CS 1+1 offers the traditional appearance and sustainability of natural cork with the consistent performance of high quality technical cork. CS 1+1 has an agglomerated body with natural cork discs at each end. Each natural cork disc goes through the Innocork® process, our exclusive and patented TCA extraction system, for maximum sensory performance


  • Dimensions: 48mm x 30.5mm

  • Free printing on orders of 30K or more

  • 75% cork (weight) / 95% cork (volume);

  • Negative carbon footprint;

  • Superior gas retention;

  • Homogeneous and superior performance;

  • Individual TCA Guarantee;

  • Sensory neutrality.

  • Dimensions: 48mm x 30.5mm

  • Free printing on orders of 30K or more

  • CS Cuvée 0+1 is a more economical Champagne and sparkling wine closure that oers superior mechanical function and consistent sensory performance. CS Cuvée 0+1 has an agglomerated molded body with one natural cork disc at the end that comes into contact with the wine. Each natural cork disc for the CS Cuvée 0+1 undergoes the Innocork® process, our patented TCA extraction system.

  • Dimensions: 48mm x 30.5mm

  • Free printing on orders of 30K or more

  • The CS Cuvée 0+2 is the traditional cork closure for premium champagne and sparkling wines. It offers superior compression and extraction performance to guarantee maximal gas retention and effervescent Champagne and sparkling wines. The CS Cuvée 0+2 has an agglomerated body topped of with two natural cork discs at the end and is composed of the finest cork wood.



  • Wood: Natural, Dark Brown, Black

  • Plastic: Black, Gold


  • Microagglo Cork (regularly stocked in USA)

  • Natural 'Super' Cork (special order from Europe)



      Diameter: 29 - 34.4mm

      Height: 9 - 14mm


      Length: 27mm

      Width: 19, 19.5, 22.5mm 

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