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Natural Cork


in Natural Corks & TCA Taint-Free Technical Corks 

Exclusively available at Cork Supply, the Pure Cork & Innocork Circuits helps reduce the risk of sensory defects in natural corks caused by TCA or other off aromas. The Pure Cork & Innocork Circuit is a patented process by which potential TCA and other off-aromas are extracted from natural cork using a water vapour & ethanol mixture under controlled temperatures. Every natural cork and disc produced by Cork Supply is processed with the Pure Cork & Innocork Circuit. 100% of the granules used in the production of micro-agglomerated corks and technical corks are processed by VAPEX®. The disinfection process effectively extracts TCA and other off aromas from cork granules by using pressured steam. The disinfection process is done by batch, the batch system also allows for full traceability.


As part of the commitment at Cork Supply to our clients, we are the first company in the industry to institute a "Bottle Buy Back" guarantee.  If you receive a cork taint claim on any bottle sealed with our DS100 or VINC corks, we will buy the bottle back at the retail release price of the wine.

Innocork Circuit.jpg

For centuries, natural cork has been the closure material of choice for quality wines. Lightweight, inert, impermeable to liquids and gasses, compressible and elastic, natural cork is time-tested and proven to effectively seal glass bottles — protecting wine from oxidation while enabling optimum oxygen transfer needed for wine to mature. The remarkable physical and mechanical properties of natural cork make it an ideal closure for all winemaking styles, grape varietals and desired ageing. 


Natural cork is also 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Cork production is eco-friendly and sustainable. Punched from renewable, responsibly harvested bark of the cork oak (Quercus suber), no trees are cut down. Corks have the smallest carbon footprint of any standard wine closure, and the forests they use help preserve our planets critical ecological services, reducing CO2 greenhouse gasses from our atmosphere while sustaining an abundance of fragile habitat and wildlife. 


Cork Supply improves on Mother Nature's perfection, using applied innovation and exacting standards to deliver the highest benchmark of consistency and quality assurance at every step from forest to bottle. In addition to ensuring the corkwood we use to produce our corks passes industry-best TCA-testing requirements, every natural cork we deliver has the critical added advantage of Innocork®, our patented extraction procedure that uses steam and ethyl alcohol to effectively volatilize potential TCA (and other off-aromas) molecules from the cell structure of natural cork. This unmatched combination of quality, performance and sustainability makes natural cork from Cork Supply the natural choice for wines of the 21st century.

Printed orders available with a 8000 cork minimum. Cork branding with winery artwork or logo is FREE!


DS 100

Human-based TCA Detection

  • ​100% of your natural corks are inspected for off-aromas, including TCA, using our non-destructive dry soak method.

  • Every cork in your DS100 order is 100% inspected by 3 of our trained sensory specialists. If one of these trained specialists should detect an off aroma, the cork is rejected.

  • As part of our commitment to our clients, we are the first company in the industry to offer a Bottle Buy Back Guarantee on this line of products.

  • Available on all natural and sparkling corks


DS 100+

Automatic TCA Detection Technology

  • ​The DS100+ technology guarantees that each individual cork in a lot is 100% TCA taint-free by rejecting any natural cork that has TCA levels above the sensory threshold. 

  • The DS100+ technology guarantees an efficient screening of 100% of corks in a lot, while resulting in a competitively priced natural cork for the market.

  • 100% of corks are free of TCA

  • Fast and automatic detection

  • Individual guarantee (cork by cork)

  • Bottle buy back guarantee offered

  • Available on all natural corks

Negative Carbon Footprint.JPG

VINC is a line of TCA taint free micro-agglomerated corks that are produced exclusively from 100% Cork Supply controlled raw material and state-of-the-art individual molding technologies. The VINC product line is also a result of the new, improved VAPEX® disinfection process. VAPEX® is a batch disinfection process that reduces TCA on cork granules through effective mass and heat transfer.


A natural choice for those who prefer technical:

  • 75% cork (weight) / 95% cork (volume);
  • Negative carbon footprint;

  • Homogeneous and superior performance;

  • Individual TCA Guarantee;

  • Sensory neutrality.

Printed orders available with a 8000 cork minimum. Cork branding with winery artwork or logo is FREE!

Sparkling Corks
1+1 Corks

Technical Closures

Printed orders available with a 8000 cork minimum. Cork branding with winery artwork or logo is FREE!

Large Format Corks

Large Format Corks

Natural large format corks are available in Alpha wash only.

We need a bottle diagram or physical bottle to determine the correct size

Sizes available:

54 x 27mm | 54 x 30mm | 54 x 33mm | 54 x 36mm | 54 x 39mm | 54 x 42mm

Large format bottles 2.jpg
Nobispark Bidule
Nobispark Bidule

The search for the finest balance between the natural compounds of oak and sparkling wines during alcoholic fermentation has led us to develop NOBISPARK. This oenological bidule is the result of a project to develop the use of oak during the second fermentation. Used in the same way as a classic bidule, NOBISPARK does not require any specific equipment when it is inserted after filling the bottle.

  • Nobispark Fresh Bidule will enhance and “clean” the fruitiness of the base wine without adding any toast character, it is neutral. Aromatic complexity.

  • Nobispark Sensation Bidule keeps the fruit while adding sweetness, light vanilla & toasted notes; brings a slight oak character to the wine.

Time of ageing is a minimum of 4 months -12 months, but can also go beyond 12 months. Dosage for 1 Nobispark is 0,7g/L.

Toast options are Nobile Fresh (untoasted) or Sensation. Packages of 500

Rivercap Tin Capsules

Rivercap Tin Capsules

Polylam pic 3.jpg
Polylam pic 2.jpg

Produced in Spain by the Soutiran family. 


Offered in various sizes with 4 stock colours:

Bright Red, Satin Red, Gold & Semi Matte Black

An infinite array of dimensional, color, design, top embossing and side printing possibilities makes it easy for you to achieve customized perfection.

Custom orders are available starting at 1 box

(box volume depends on capsule size, see chart below)

Artwork Set-up charges apply below 20K for 1 colour.

Rivercap™ tin capsules from Cork Supply are crafted as a nine-stage deep drawn shell from a single-piece of pure high-grade tin to ensure an elegant, flawless finish. Other advantages include high scuff-resistance, flexible product dimensions and compliance with CONEG heavy metal limits. 100% recyclable!

Rivercap features.PNG
Rivercap stock colour.PNG
Rivercap Tin sizes.PNG
stock colour chart.png
Rivercap references.PNG
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