SENTIA Wine Analyzer

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Accurate Free Sulphur Testing in UNDER 1 minute!

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"Sentia has been an amazing tool in the lab to analyze free sulpur dioxide.

For the past 5 years, I've used aeration / oxidation equipment for testing, and having consulted some data, I've found that Sentia has been accurate within 0.75% of traditional lab equipment, that has a +/- 5% standard error - this means more accurate data for all our wines, and less hassle in order to get that data! I've been informed that malic acid and glucose and fructose will be the next add on to the device, and in the near future, this may replace a lot of the lab equipment we require to produce high quality, dynamic and honest wines here at Ferox.

Cheers to Sam for introducing us to this piece of hardware, and looking forward to seeing what it can achieve down the road!"

Cubby Sadoon  -  Cellar Master
Ferox Wines