Nobile - Oak Alternatives

Oak Chips & Granulars – Easy, food grade nylon infusion bag

Packaging: 7.5kg food grade infusion bag or 2 x 7.5kg in foil bag 

Packaging: SPECIAL ORDER BULK 15kg 

NOBILE FRESH 24 M (Granulars) – Antioxidant & structure.

NOBILE AMERICAN FRESH (Granulars) – Fruit & lactones.

NOBILE FRESH 24 M TT(Granulars) – Freshness & fruit. Aromatic complexity

NOBILE FRESH (Chips) – Freshness & fruit. Aromatic complexity.

NOBILE BASE (Chips) – Volume & roundness. Without ‘toast’ components. Lightly toasted.

NOBILE SPICE (Chips) – Fruity & spicy.

NOBILE SWEET (Granulars & chips) – Vanilla & toasted.

NOBILE INTENSE (Chips) – Volume & roasted almonds.

NOBILE AMERICAN BLEND (Granulars & Chips) – Caramel & smoky.



Blocks – Easy, food grade nylon infusion bag

Packaging: 5kg food grade infusion bag

NOBILE FRESH  Freshness,  fruit and structure.

NOBILE SENSATION Sweetness, vanilla and toasted.

NOBILE INTENSE Volume, roasted coffee and chocolate.

NOBILE RÉVÉLATION – Structure and aromatic complexity.

NOBILE ELITE  Roasted and toasted nuances, volume. Traditional barrel ageing.

NOBILE AMERICAN RÉVÉLATION Sweetness, gingerbread and lactone.



Barrel Refresh Innovative attachment system for ultra-easy implementation into barrels.  Maximizes the beneficial oxygenation from barrels. 20-100% new oak equivalent

NOBILE SENSATION 7mm – Sweetness, vanilla and toasted.

NOBILE RÉVÉLATION 7mm – Structure and aromatic complexity.

NOBILE FRESH 7mm – Freshness, fruit & structure

NOBILE INTENSE 7mm – Volume, roasted coffee & chocolate

NOBILE AMERICAN RÉVÉLATION 7mm – Sweetness, gingerbread & lactone notes

ELITE 12mm – Toasted nuances & volume. Similar to traditional barrel ageing.

XBASE 18mm – Intensity and palate weight.  Fruity without overt oak characteristics.

XTREME 18mm – Expression of ripe fruit.  Sweetness with mocha notes and roasted coffee.

DIVINE 18mm – Gives texture.  Extends the fruit to a complex finish (such as the finish of a Burgundian barrel)

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